Vital Records

Birth and Death Certificates are an essential part of the Health Department. This is where all birth and death records are processed for those births and deaths occurring in Scotland County. North Carolina General Statutes 130A Article 4 requires that the Health Department administer the Vital Records Program under the direction of the Health Director. The Health Director appoints Deputy Registrars to process vital records.

Where Birth & Death Records Are Filed

In accordance with North Carolina General Statutes, all birth and death records should be filed with the Deputy Registrar within five days of occurrence. The Registrar's office receives and processes certificates, making necessary corrections with proper documentation.

Scotland County Register of Deeds

After being processed, copies of these certificates are filed with the Scotland County Register of Deeds and the original documents are submitted to North Carolina State Vital Records Office where they are maintained. Certified copies of birth and death certificates can be obtained (for a fee) through the Scotland County Register of Deeds, which is located in the Scotland County Courthouse, Room 250. The Scotland County Courthouse is located at:
Scotland County Register of Deeds
Scotland County Courthouse
212 Biggs Street
Room 250
Laurinburg, NC 28352.

Please contact the Register of Deeds office at 910-277-2575.

Birth Certificates

Births that occur at area hospitals are registered through that medical facility. Births that occur in the presence of a certified nurse midwife are processed and submitted to the Deputy Registrar by the certified midwife on the mother's behalf. For births occurring at home where no certified midwife is present, the mother is responsible for registering the birth with the Deputy Registrar. The following information is required for this process:
  • Proof of delivery or pregnancy (records of prenatal care, ultrasound, etc.).
  • Current ID or valid government issued ID.
  • Proof of address where birth occurred (i.e. utility bill delivered by USPS).
  • Call for appointment at 910-277-2440.

Ordering Birth Certificates

For more information on obtaining a copy or certified copy of a birth record, please click here to visit the Scotland County Register of Deeds website.

Death Certificates

All deaths that occur in Scotland County must also be registered with the Deputy Registrar within five days. It is the responsibility of the Funeral Home (in or out of state) to file the death certificate with the Deputy Registrar. Forms necessary to properly process death certificates are as follows.
  • Notification of Death (DHHS 2073) (Funeral directors are responsible for filing with Local Registrar within 24 hours of taking custody of deceased; can be sent by fax.)
  • Burial-Transit Permit (DHHS 1184) (Required to transport deceased individuals out of North Carolina and must be obtained through Deputy Registrar during business hours or through a sub-registrar after hours.)

North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services Vital Records Forms

Vital records can be accessed on the North Carolina Health and Human Services website.

Other Vital Records

Other Vital Records forms are available at the Health Department upon request. For additional information regarding vital records, please contact our office at 910-277-2440.

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