Work First Employment Services

Assistance Time-Frame

All families are now limited to 5 years of assistance, lifetime (60 cumulative months). This "time clock" stops only when a family no longer receives any services or benefits from Work First Family Assistance (WFFA). The 5 year time clock does not stop even if you are ill or disabled when you are receiving WFFA. This is a Federal time limit and follows the family from State to State.

In North Carolina, families who are active in the Employment Services are also on a 2 year time clock (24 cumulative months) with the goal of having paid employment before the 2 years are up. Families that have received assistance for 24 months must wait three years to reapply for WFFA.


During the 2 year time period, Single Parent Families are required to complete at least 20-30 hours each week of work-related activities based of the age of their youngest child. Two Parent Families are required to complete at least 35 hours each week.

The required work related activities may include:
  • Cooperation With Employment Security Commission
  • Job Search
  • Short Term, Employment Focused Activities
  • Vocational Education Training
  • Work Experience
Note: These activities are geared toward the ultimate goal of Paid Employment and self-sufficiency.

Work First Employment Social Workers

Work First Employment Social Workers will help participants meet their requirements through supportive services such as: help with transportation, child care and other services as specified on their MRA Plan of Action. They will also make referrals to other community services and resources to help the participant to become self-sufficient.