1. Animal Control

    Animal Control is charged with the responsibility of enforcing State and County laws, ordinances, and resolutions pertaining to the care, custody and control of animals in Scotland County.

  2. Areas of Interest

    Check out areas of interest in Scotland County including parks, the library, and what cities and towns are in Scotland County.

  3. Business

    View the directory of area businesses.

  4. Connect With Us

    Learn more about upcoming community events and find County news and information about staff members.

  5. Elections

    Find election information, poll locations, and information about voting in Scotland County.

  6. Emergencies

    Find out what to do in case of an emergency in Scotland County, the locations of area emergency shelters can also be found.

  7. Environmental Services

    Learn more about the Environmental Services offered in Scotland County including health and restaurant inspections and permit information.

  8. Health Clinic Services

    Learn more about the clinical services offered in Scotland County including general health, child health, family planning, preventative health, and more.

  9. Neighborhood Watch

    The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office is committed to our Community Neighborhood Watch Programs.

  10. Transportation

    Located in Southeastern North Carolina, Scotland County enjoys excellent transportation infrastructure.