Legislators seek bipartisan support in Raleigh 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 08/25/2015
The divide between rural counties and metropolitan areas hasn’t diminished over the years. Guest speakers Senator Tom McInnis and Representatives Ken Goodman and Garland Pierce discussed that and other issues at the August 21 Legislative Breakfast... read more

Commissioners, Schools approve funding agreement 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 08/24/2015
The Commissioners and Board of Education put the 50-year-old school funding law on the backburner in favor of an agreement that would fund the schools through FY 2018. The Memorandum of Agreement for Funding Scotland County Schools was approved... read more

Sales tax redistribution, historic tax credits supported by loocal leaders 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 08/19/2015
Commissioners Whit Gibson and Carol McCall and County Manager Kevin Patterson joined more than 100 elected officials and managers from across the State who gathered in Raleigh August 12 to advocate for sales tax redistribution legislation and the... read more

Four-way stop installed at five points intersection 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 08/19/2015
A four-way stop was installed as planned at the US 15-501 and Old Wire Road (five points) intersection after NCDOT officials met with elected leaders and law enforcement to explain why this was best interim alternative. When the Board of... read more

Water haul training could reduce ISO rating 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 07/31/2015
All seven Scotland County fire departments and 35 volunteer firemen participated in Method 2 Water Haul training at Scotland High School. The purpose of the training was to practice filling and dumping fire department tankers with water in as... read more

Light hurricane season predicted for area 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 07/31/2015
A very light year in hurricanes is expected in 2015. But EMS Director Roylin Hammond maintains at every annual hurricane meeting that it only takes one serious storm to make landfall. So it’s important to always be prepared. In 2015 predictions... read more

Local emergency planning group reactivates 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 07/31/2015
Scotland County re-formed its local emergency planning committee (LEPC) after nearly 20 years of inactivity. The LEPC is comprised of a community network that would respond to hazard mitigation in the event of a localized emergency event. EMS... read more

Bengie Hair named Health Director 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 07/21/2015
Bengie M. Hair will be the new Health Director, effective August 3. A 20-year veteran in private and public health on the state and federal levels, Hair most recently served as a public health administrator and health educator at the Moore... read more

2016 budget includes COLA, water and solid waste fees 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 07/02/2015
All County employees will receive a one percent COLA effective with the pay period that begins July 15. Additionally, 96 employees will receive step increases based on years of service. The step plan is geared toward employees on or below a step ... read more

County prepares to waive fees at convenience sites 

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 06/26/2015
With fees for the disposal of household trash coming to an end at the convenience sites, Solid Waste Enforcement Officer J.R. Horne is preparing to make the transition as easy as possible for County residents. Effective July 1, residents... read more
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