Adult Services

Special Assistance In-Home Program

The SA/IH Program is designed to assist disabled adults 18 or older who are Medicaid eligible.  This program provides cash supplement to low income individuals who are at risk of being placed in a facility.  SA/IH is an alternative for placement for individuals who would like to reside at home with additional support services and income.

Adult Protective Services

Provide services for disabled adults who are being abused, neglected, or exploited. County departments of social services receive and evaluate reports to determine whether disabled adults are in need of protective services and what services are needed (as required by Article 6, Chapter 108A of the North Carolina General Statutes).  Anyone with specific allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation can call 910-277-2500, after 5:00PM and on weekends call 911.

Guardianship Services

Guardianship is a legal relationship in which someone (the guardian) is authorized by the clerk of superior court to be substitute decision maker for an incompetent adult (the ward). Incompetence is determined in a court proceeding and means an adult is unable to manage their own affairs, or is unable to make important decisions.

Adult Home Specialist

Provides monitoring and technical assistance for adult care homes and adult day care centers. These services are required to ensure compliance with licensing and certification regulations mandated by the state.

Scotland County Adult Day Services

Provides health care, social, recreational and stimulating activities in a safe and supportive environment with emphasis on increasing self worth and preserving dignity. 

In Home Aide Services

The in home aide program helps maintain self-sufficiency and assists individuals in remaining in their own homes as long as possible.  In home aide services are provided based on availability of funding to adults who are not Medicaid eligible.  Their eligibility for services is based on need.  Services through the in home aide program are provided through a licensed home health agency.  The scope of services provided to the individual is determined after an assessment.

Representative Payee Services

Services provided to an individual that receives Social Security and/or SSI benefits who cannot manage his/her money and has no other responsible individual to do so.

Eye Care Assistance

The Division of Services for the Blind provides medical eye care services to individuals with limited incomes. These services, which are available in all counties may include complete eye examinations and treatment and may include low vision aids, corrective lenses, and/or surgery. Additionally, low vision evaluations, vision screenings, as well as education in eye care may be provided to individuals regardless of their income.