DuPont Pioneer opens new warehouse

Posted by Ann Kurtzman 12/19/2016

DuPont Pioneer continued its decades-long partnership with Scotland County when it celebrated the opening of its offsite warehouse at Laurinburg-Maxton Airport. 

The 176,000-square-foot facility represents a $10 million investment in the community employing six people.  In the warehouse is 40,000-square-feet of cold storage to keep seed from germinating on a year-round basis so it can be reused from season to season.

DuPont Pioneer is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. 

Location Manager Randy Graves said the warehouse will play a vital role in the production network.  “The additional space supports the increase in demand for our soybean products.” 

Maxton Mayor Emmett Morton recalled Pioneer’s lengthy history as a community employer.  “Back in my younger years when you walked by a cornfield with a Pioneer sign in it you knew you were going to work that summer.  From that little building and that little network they had, DuPont Pioneer has grown to this.  I appreciate your making the investment to stay in our area.”  

Chair Carol McCall said, “Economic development is the engine that keeps our community going.  You had three sites to choose from, you chose to stay here.  That was important to us.  We like our business partners to be happy.  Please reach out if you need us so we can make this community the best place for everyone.” 

Construction of the warehouse began in June 2016.  McCall commented, "I don’t know that a building of this size has been put up in Scotland County in such a short period of time.”