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No person, firm, or corporation shall erect, construct, enlarge, install, alter, repair, move, improve, convert or demolish any building, structure system without first obtaining a permit for such from the Inspection Department. (G.S. 143-138 (b), 153A-357, 160-417) ANY CONSTRUCTION DONE PRIOR TO THE ISSUANCE OF A PERMIT CONSTITUTES A PENALTY TO DOUBLE THE PERMIT FEES. NO INSPECTION OF ANY KIND WILL BE DONE UNTIL ALL PERMITS FOR THE PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION HAS BEEN OBTAINED.

In order to obtain a building permit you shall have the following (where applicable.) 

   1. From Environmental Health – Improvement permit for water and sewer systems.

   2. Zoning Permits (to make sure the property for the proposed construction meets all   requirements.) If the property is located in the County (and not inside any municipality) the permit is obtained from the Inspection Office. To obtain a zoning permit you will need a deed , plat and pin #. If property is in an approved subdivision, no plat in needed. If the property is located in any of the municipalities you will obtain Zoning a permit from them.

  3. 2 sets of plans for the proposed construction (14” x 17”) in size.  

Drawings must be submitted with the application for the permit. Drawings can be   prepared by anyone as long as the project  is less than “2,500 square feet; less than $90,000 in value, or residential. 

Drawings must contain enough information to completely define all structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.  

        1.  Footing and Pier Plan-Shows size and location of all footings and piers.

        2.  Floor Framing Plan-Shows size and location of floor and wall framing, including       insulation.   

        3.  Wall Framing Plan-Shows size and spacing of wall members and sizes of headers over windows and doors.

        4.  Roof Framing Plan-Shows the distances from the first floor to grade, porches, etc.

  The following inspections are required (as appropriate.) No further work shall be done until each stage has been inspected and approved.

       1.   Footing-Before any concrete is poured

       2.   Temporary  Service

       3.   Under Slab-Before any concrete is poured

       4.   Foundation

       5.   Under Floor Framing

       6.   Rough In-Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical

       7.   Building Framing

       8.   Fire Protection

       9.   Insulation

     10.   Certificate of Compliance

     11.   FINAL-Certificate of Occupancy


All permitted projects are subject to re-inspection fees at the following rates:

             $30.00 for the first extra trip

             $40.00 for the second extra trip

             $60.00 for the third extra trip


 Extra trips are defined as the third trip for the same inspection, or the first inspection if the project is obviously not ready when the inspector arrives at the scheduled inspection.


Compliance with this memorandum should clear up our Drawing Permit Requirements/ Inspection Policies and help us understand the intent of the Builder/Owner. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.