November 2016

Title – Dining with Dinosaurs

Author – Hannah Bonner

Call Number – JUV 567.9 BONNER

Book Description -

Sure you know T-Rex was the meat-eating king and brontosaurus munched on leaves, but what else was on the dino dining menu during the Mesozoic era? 
Meet the 'vores: carnivores, piscivores, herbivores, insectivores, "trashivores," "sunivores," and omnivores like us.
Readers will be surprised and inspired to learn about dino diets and they'll get to explore how scientists can tell which dinosaurs ate what just from looking at fossils!
Journey through artist and author Hannah Bonner's whimsical world to learn how the dinosaurs and their contemporaries bit, chewed, and soaked up their food.


Title – I Am An American

Author – Jerry Stanley

Call Number – JUV 940.53 STANLEY

Book Description -

Illustrated with black-and-white photographs. Young Shi Nomura was among the 120,000 American citizens who lost everything when he was sent by the U.S. government to Manzanar, an interment camp in the California desert, simply because he was of Japanese ancestry. "In clear and fascinating prose, Stanley has set forth the compelling story of one of America's darkest times--the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.  His meticulously researched volume is accompanied by numerous, fine period black-and-white photographs . . . This eloquent account of the disastrous results of racial prejudice stands as a reminder to us in today's pluralistic society."