• Ordinance 1
    Regulating the visibility of drive-in theater motion picture screens to operators of motor vehicles upon streets and highways
  • Ordinance 2.
    Providing for the development and operation of manufactured home parks
  • Ordinance 3.
    Subdivision regulations
  • Ordinance 4.
    Provide for the control of soil erosion and sedimentation (rescinded)
  • Ordinance 5.
    Restricting motorized vehicles in county parks and playgrounds
  • Ordinance 6.
  • Ordinance 7.
    Establish a Planning Board for Scotland County
  • Ordinance 8.
    Providing for the annual registration of house trailers, mobile homes and similar vehicular structures, and the issuance of of evidence of registration to be exhibited upon said vehicles
  • Ordinance 9.
    Zoning (see Ordinance #6)
  • Ordinance 10.
    Prohibiting the sale of malt beverages and wines from 1 a.m. on each Sunday until 7 a.m. the following Monday (rescinded)
  • Ordinance 11.
    License insulation contractors and others who install materials and equipment designed to meet the energy conservation standards of the State building code
  • Ordinance 12.
    Granting to Community Antenna, Incorporated, a franchise to erect a community antenna television system
  • Ordinance 13.
    Designating the Scotland County Historic Properties Commission a public authority
  • Ordinance 14.
    Regulating secondhand precious metal and gem businesses in Scotland County
  • Ordinance 15.
    Regulating unreasonably loud and disturbing noises in Scotland County
  • Ordinance 16.
    Authorizing the proclamation of a state of emergency and the imposition of prohibitions and restrictions during a state of emergency
  • Ordinance 17.
    National flood insurance flood damage prevention
  • Ordinance 18.
    Require the keeping of records by persons, firms or corporations engaged in the purchase of pine straw
  • Ordinance 19.
    Animal control
  • Ordinance 20.
    Naming roads and assigning street numbers in unincorporated areas of Scotland County
  • Ordinance 21.
    Establishing and providing for the financing of a public safety telephone service in Scotland County
  • Ordinance 22.
    Solid waste management
  • Ordinance 23.
    Providing for a moratorium of intensive livestock operations in Scotland County (rescinded)
  • Ordinance 24.
    Scotland County water supply watershed
  • Ordinance 25.
    Permitting the posting of signs to prohibit the carrying of concealed handguns on certain county property
  • Ordinance 26.
    Cable communications for the County of Scotland
  • Ordinance 27.
    Regulating ambulance service and granting of franchises to ambulance operators
  • Ordinance 28.
    Providing for the removal and disposition of abandoned, nuisance and junked motor vehicles
  • Ordinance 29.
    Regulating the operating or maintenance of automobile graveyards and junkyards in Scotland County
  • Ordinance 30.
    Regulating fire telephone alarm systems
  • Ordinance 31.
    Establishing Laurinburg-Scotland County Human Relations Committee
  • Ordinance 32.
    Water conservation incentive
  • Ordinance 33.
    Flood damage prevention
  • Ordinance 34.
    County solid waste disposal services franchise
  • Ordinance 35.
    Voluntary Agricultural Districts