Manufactured Home Permitting Procedure


Manufactured Home Permitting Procedures


All Permits Must Be Obtained Before A

Manufactured Home Is Moved Onto Property

 G.S. 153A-357 AND 143-13811.



Penalty for violation of this requirement is double the permit fees by Scotland County Inspection Department Permit Fee Schedule.




Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm (Process normally requires at least 30 minutes)


Please Note:  The above hours are generally observed, however, circumstances may occasionally preclude our ability to issue permits during these hours.


For Used Homes Only: Before permits are issued, a note or a paid tax receipt must be obtained from the Scotland County Tax Office or the county in which you are moving your home from.


Step-By-Step Procedure for Obtaining

Manufactured Home Permits


Step 1.           Apply for a Zoning Permit (if property is in the County Jurisdiction) at:

507 West Covington Street

Laurinburg,North Carolina28352

If property is in the City of Laurinburgor in the city’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction, apply for a Zoning Permit at:

City ofLaurinburgAdministrative Building

303 West Church Street

Laurinburg,North Carolina28352

Step 2.           If a new home or if you do not presently have an official E911 address, apply for your address at:

507 West Covington Street

Laurinburg,North Carolina28352

Step 3.           Apply for a Septic Tank Permit and Well Permit (if no well is on property) at the Scotland County Health Department-Environment Health Office

1405 West Boulevard

Laurinburg,North Carolina28352


To obtain the above permits, you would need to bring the following information:


  1. A.                                         Proof of Ownership of Property

This could be in the form of a Deed or Deed and Will.

*NOTE: If you do not own the property, a consent form must be obtained from the Zoning Office and properly signed by all owners and notarized.


  1. B.                                        Plat of the Property

A plat of the property shows the location and property boundaries (even if the home is in aManufactureHomePark.)


  1. C.                                        Parcel Identification Number

This information may be obtained at the Scotland County Tax/Mapping Department.


Within two (2) to five (5) days, you will know the results of your septic tank and well application.  If approved, you will need to give us the following as a basis for the rest of your required permits:


  1. a.      Title and/or sales agreement of manufacture home.
  2. b.     Application completed with all required information.



To avoid more additional fees, please read carefully the following:


Manufactured Home Set-Up Requirements


  1.       Home shall be blocked and tied down.
  2.       Home shall have steps at the front and rear. If top step is more than 30 inches above finish grade, hand rails shall be installed on all open side. The rail shall be 30 to 34 inches in height, measured vertically from tread nosing. Steps shall be 3 feet wide minimum; riser 8¼ inch maximum; tread 10¼ inch minimum. Where there is a door on the home that swings out, a 3 foot by 3 foot landing will be required. Steps and landings when built of wood shall be constructed of treated wood.
  3. 3.      Sewer line connection into septic tank shall be sealed with concrete. If the line extends more than 10 feet from the home, it shall be 4 inches in diameter.
  4. 4.      Electric service shall be connected to the inside panel.
  5. 5.      Water line and electric line for pump shall be in an uncovered trench with a weatherproof receptacle box at the pump site.
  6. 6.      If manufactured home is new, set-up book shall be in the kitchen sink.
  7. 7.      If manufactured home is not new, set-up inspection shall be done in accordance with the NC Manufactured Home Code.
  8. 8.      Leave key in meter base or leave manufactured home unlocked.
  9. 9.      House numbers shall be posted on front of home and on mailbox (if number is not visible from road.) If you do not know what your house number is, you may obtain this information from the Scotland County Addressing at 910-277-2447.



******* IMPORTANT NOTE *******

After pre-final inspections are completed, the appropriate underpinning required byScotlandCountymust be properly installed (no exceptions) prior to electricity on the home.