Preparedness & Response

The Scotland County Health Department has been preparing for emergencies for many years.  The Health Department plays a critical part in responding to various types of incidents.  When shelters are open, Health Department nurses assist in staffing them.  During infectious disease outbreaks the staff works to get the situation under control.  These are just a few examples. 

The Health Department does not plan alone.  Many local agencies also plan for emergencies.  The Health Department works with various public agencies such as the Laurinburg Police Department, Scotland County Emergency Services, and private agencies such as local businesses.  This is done to ensure proper coordination of planning and response.

Planning and preparing for emergencies includes a lot of various types of work for the Health Department.  Staff members are required to attend certain training classes on topics such as incident command.  The Health Department also has to maintain a response plan that guides our actions during an event.  Often times these are done in conjunction with our partners as well.

You can play a vital part of this planning.  Every individual, family, and business needs to be prepared for emergencies.  To find out more on how to prepare click HERE