September 2016

Author – Tony Dungy

Title – You Can Do It!

Call Number – E DUNGY

Book Description -

Tony Dungy's little brother, Linden, is a third grader who is having a bad day at school. Linden is the youngest of the Dungy family and the least motivated because he hasn't found "it." In a family where everyone seems to have found their special talent, all Linden knows is that he wants to make people happy.
With encouragement from his parents, a helping hand from his older brother Tony, and inspiration from God, Linden learns that if he dreams big and has faith, he can do anything!


Title – OLYMPIG!

Author – Victoria Jamieson

Call Number – E JAMIESON

Book Description -

Boomer the Pig has been training hard for the Animal Olympics, so when he loses his first race, he shrugs it off and cheerfully moves on. One event after another, Boomer keeps losing, and the frustration begins to get to him. But even after coming in last in every sport, there's no getting this Olympig down. It's just great practice for the Winter Games! This encouraging and hilarious story is for every kid who's ever been told "you can't win 'em all."


Title – Dream Big

Author – Deloris Jordan

Call Number – E JORDAN

Book Description -

It’s never too soon to dream big — or to take action! Pursue excellence with this inspiring picture book from the mother of star basketball player Michael Jordan.
Before Michael Jordan was a record-breaking athlete, he was a young boy who dreamed of playing basketball for the United States Olympic team. His mother tells him, “Dreaming is for dreams. If you want to play, you better get busy.” So what did Michael do? He got busy! Discover how Michael made his wish into a reality — Olympic gold medal included — in this motivational picture book for sports fans, go-getters, and anyone with big dreams!


Title – Lola at the Library

Author – Anna McQuinn

Call Number – E McQUINN

Book Description -

Lola has a big smile on her face. Why? Because it's Tuesday -- and on Tuesdays, Lola and her mommy go to the library. Join Lola in this cozy celebration of books and the people who love them.