Wellness Monitoring

Blood Pressure MonitoringPhoto by Roylin Hammond

Scotland County EMS provides blood pressure monitoring everyday, from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm for anyone concerned about monitoring their blood pressure. The readings are recorded and can be printed out, at your request, to be presented to your family physician if there are concerns about your cardiac health. The service is provided free of charge in the lobby of the EMS base at 1403 West Blvd. On many occasion, the readings are unable to be taken and record due to the lack of qualified staff available to operate the electronic monitoring equipment.  We ask for your patience if medics are not available but instead responding to a 911 call when you arrive. They will assist you as soon as staff return to the building after a 911 call is completed. 


Mobility Assistance

On occasion, people with mobility issues find themselves in a position of being unable to maneuver back in bed or back in their mobility device. In these situation where the individual is not injured or in need of medical attention but simply in need of assistance (up off the floor, back into bed, back in their wheel chair, etc), EMS will respond to those situations and gladly assist these individuals back to the position or location they need to be in.  If this situation occurs, simply call 911, explain the situation to the dispatcher, and EMS paramedics will be dispatched as non-emergency traffic (no lights and sirens) and assist the person or persons in need of assistance. This service is provided free of charge and is available 24 hours a day. Please note that if all the on duty EMS staff are involved in responding to emergency 911 calls at the time of a request for assistance, there will be a delay in the response for assistance until the EMS crews have completed the emergency calls. Please also note that while assistance is being provided, the paramedics will also be preforming a patient assessment based on the nature of the incident and may, based on the information available, recommend that the patient be transported to a hospital for additional evaluation. This service is provided at no charge to the patient unless the patient is transported, by ambulance, to a medical facility for additional evaluation. 


Blood Glucose Monitoring

Individuals with blood glucose issues or who are diagnosed as diabetic in most cases monitor their blood glucose level on a regular basis.  On occasion, these individuals may neglect to monitor their condition as frequently as is recommended, resulting is a case of lower than acceptable blood glucose levels. The person may become lethargic, non-responsive, and possibly unconscious.  In such a case as this, 911 should be called and EMS will respond to the scene. Upon arrival on the scene, EMS staff will assess the patient and in the event of a low blood glucose level take action to raise the blood glucose level to a normal level. In many cases where EMS staff has taken the above action and raised the blood glucose level to an acceptable level, the patient quickly returns to a normal level of consciousness and has no desire to be transported to a hospital for additional evaluation. In this case and with the approval of Medical Control, EMS staff will disconnect the IV tubing used to raise the blood glucose level and agree to leave the patient in the care of another adult. EMS staff will encourage the patient to monitor their blood glucose level more frequently and offer to measure the patients blood glucose level a final time before leaving the scene. In cases where the EMS crew responding has to treat the patient for low blood glucose, a Treatment--No Transport fee will be billed to the patient to recover the cost of drugs and supplies used by paramedics to restore the patients blood glucose to an acceptable level.      


911 Address Signs

Blue reflective 911 Address Signs are available at the Emergency Services office.  The signs are crafted on site and can be requested in either a vertical or a horizontal presentation.  The metal sign blanks are pre-drilled with holes in each corner for easy mounting.  The sign blanks can be lettered with from one to five numbers on both sides of the blank and are highly visible at night and in inclement weather.  The signs are available to anyone wishing to purchase them seven days a week from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm at a cost of $10.00 each. Many people have actually purchased the signs as a gift for a friend or family member with a medical condition that may require the future need of ambulance transport.  Their thought is that the residence will be much easier to locate if an emergency were to occur and that need for transport were to develop.  Our rule of thumb at 911 is,  " If you can ride past your residence at 60 MPH, at 3:00 am, in a pouring down rain storm, and see your address, then your address sign is fine. If you can't see it, you may need to consider purchasing a 911 reflective address sign for your home." If you can't see it, we can't see it either!  To date, the 911 Communication Center has sold over 4500 address signs.