Recycling / Solid Waste

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EnviroSmart Boxes

Look for EnviroSmart boxes at the recycle centers where ink jet, laser cartridges and cell phones can be discarded. More than 90 percent of material in mobile phones, batteries and accessories can be recovered and used to make new products. The items collected from EnviroSmart boxes are dismantled and sorted and sent to specific recyclers who further shred, sort and process these components for recovery of plastics, metals and precious metals including nickel, cadmium, silver and gold.

Electronic Recycling

Scotland County recycle centers can accept a wide variety of used and unwanted electronics. Here is a list of accepted electronics (PDF).

More Information

The Solid Waste Enforcement Officer, Deputy Shonrell McKee, is available to answer questions and receive suggestions on how to make Scotland County clean and beautiful. You can contact Deputy McKee at 910-610-5262 or by email at . You may also contact Lt. Darryl Ford, at

Starting April 1, 2023, the landfill will no longer accept cash payments.