Parks & Recreation Advisory Board


  • Rosemary Rainer, City Council Member 
  • Daniel Dockery 
  • William Trivette 
  • Al Blades 
  • Billy Norris 
  • Ann Kurtzman, Chair, Aging Advisory Council



  • Myra Stone 
  • Tim Ivey, County Commissioner
  • Tatiana Gibson 
  • Jean Pope 
  • Raymond Moody 
  • Robert McPhatter


  • To assist the department in developing program priorities
  • To assist the department in evaluating programs and activities
  • To assist the department in the implementation of any special projects and studies
  • To assist the department in recruiting volunteer staff to work with programs and activities
  • To assist in developing a plan to meet the present and future needs for programs, services, parks and facilities, open spaces, and trails and to advise in developing priorities for each of these
  • To assist in matters relating to maintaining the highest standards of parks and recreation leadership and in the quality of the programs offered by the department
  • To assist the parks and recreation department in working with other organizations and groups. This function will assist in providing new and innovative programs for the citizens and community
  • To generally work toward a favorable public opinion of, and support for, parks and recreation services
  • To inform and interpret the needs of the general public to the Parks and Recreation Director
  • To recommend and advise on the acceptance of grants, gifts contributions or donations made available to the parks and recreation department through the Scotland County Parks and Recreation Foundation
  • To serve as a forum in introducing innovative and new ideas, concepts, programs, policies and procedures
  • Upon request, recommend approval of rules and procedures pertaining to recreation programs and to use the public parks and facilities, including suggested fees and charges
Please feel free to contact your Advisory Board Member with suggestions or comments.
Parks and Recreation Board Photo - 2011
Seated left to right: Holly Russell, Office Manager, Jan Schmidt, Board Member, Shannon Newton, Director, Beatrice Sams, Board Member, Doris Ann Donovan, Senior Programs Coordinator

Standing left to right: Al Blades, Athletic Superintendent, Rodney McCarter, Brent Plyler, Terry Taylor, Board Members, Guy McCook, County Commissioner, Jeff Maidment, Vice-Chairman and Page Pratt, Chairman

Not pictured: Board Members Ken Nichols, Darwin Williams, Melissa Brisson, Matthew Block, and Raymond Moody, Assistant Athletic Supervisor and Lakisha Williams, Recreation Supervisor.