Roylin Hammond

Emergency Medical Services
Title: Director of Emergency Services, EMT, EMD, LEMC

Roylin directs operations of the Scotland County Emergency Services. He assumes responsibility for the day to day operations of EMS, of Emergency Management planning, response, recovery, and mitigation operations, and of the day to day operations of the County Para-Transit system, SCATS.

Areas of responsibility include needs assessment and planning, budget preparation, administrative duties, policy review and coordination of oversight with the Assistant Director and EMS staff, the Medical Director, the County Manager, local hospital and emergency response personnel, and volunteer agencies to insure prompt, effective response to all Emergency Services programs in Scotland County. In disaster situations or in a declared State of Emergency, he serves as the Level 1 EM Coordinator to provide liaison between the county and the state for the response to and recovery from a disaster event. He also serves as the County's point of contact with the Office of State Fire Marshall (OSFM), as a result of Scotland County not having a designated Fire Marshall position. 

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