Marriage Licenses

Applying for a Marriage License

To apply for a marriage license, we ask that you complete the application online and then call us at 910.277.2575 to set an appointment.  You cannot use this license to marry until it has been signed in our office!

A license purchased from the Office of the Scotland County Register of Deeds Office is valid in any county in the state of North Carolina, but cannot be used outside of the State of North Carolina. It is requested that both parties be present when signing the license.  The license is good immediately upon issuance and is valid for 60 days. Once the ceremony is performed the license must be returned to the Register of Deeds within 10 days to be put on file as a permanent public record.

Please note that effective January 1, 2020, the cost for a Magistrate to perform the marriage ceremony became $50.  The cost for the marriage license will remain $60 as well the $10 cost for a certified copy.

All applicants must provide a Social Security number. If an individual has never been issued a social security number then they must sign an affidavit attesting to this fact. This form is available in the Register of Deeds office.

Applicants who have been divorced must provide the month and year of their last divorce. If the divorce was finalized within one year of the date of application, the applicant must provide an original or certified copy of the divorce decree. There is no waiting period between the divorce and applying for the new license.

Applicants 18-20 Years of Age

Applicants 18-20 years of age must also provide a certified copy of their birth certificate in addition to the requirements listed above.

Applicants Less Than 18 Years of Age

Persons over 16 years of age and under 18 years of age may marry a person no more than four years older, and the register of deeds may issue a license for the marriage, only after there has been filed with the register of deeds a certified copy of an order issued by a district court authorizing the marriage as provided in G.S. 51-2.1, or a written consent to the marriage, said consent having been signed by the appropriate person as follows:

(1) By a parent having full or joint legal custody of the underage party; or

(2) By a person, agency, or institution having legal custody or serving as a guardian of the underage party.

Such written consent shall not be required for an emancipated minor if a certificate of emancipation issued pursuant to Article 35 of Chapter 7B of the General Statutes or a certified copy of a final decree or certificate of emancipation from this or any other jurisdiction is filed with the register of deeds.

Obtain a Copy of a Marriage License

The State of North Carolina requires that anyone wishing to obtain a certified copy of a marriage license must provide a valid ID to identify themselves and pay a fee.

In Person Requests

If you are coming in to our 507 W Covington St. office, please call (910.277.2575) first so we can get your information to have the document prepared for you.

Online Requests

We have partnered with Get Certificates Now to fulfill requests copies of marriage licenses online. As part of your online request, you will need to upload a copy of any of the accepted valid ID's or fax a copy of one of the above accepted valid ID's. Generally we try to process the request within a working day from receipt and then use first class mail to deliver the certificate. In addition to the normal fees, there is a convenience fee added to your cost from Get Certificates Now.

Mail Requests

To obtain a certified copy of a vital record by mail, please send the signed application along with a certified check or money order for payment of the fees, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a copy of any accepted valid ID's. Should you need expedited mailing, please let us know in in advance so we can let you know the added cost.

Please mail to:

Register of Deeds

507 W Covington St

Laurinburg, NC 28352