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  1. E-Sports Community Standards Policy
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Scotland County ESports Community Standards

We Stand Against HATE 

Our Program has no space for racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of bigotry. Our community is made better through its diverse array of gamers. We strongly condemn any form of words, phrases, euphemism, or implication that makes fun of, is intolerant of, or is hateful towards any other person based on sexuality, gender, race, religion, mental or physical ability, or any variation thereof.

We Stand Against CHEATING

Cheating, lying, or other unfair advantages go against the spirit of friendly competition. Our community is based on playful competition in a fair and recreational environment. Absolutely anything used to gain an unfair advantage outside the stated ruleset while playing a game in Our Program is deemed as cheating and is completely unacceptable.

We Stand Against TOXICITY

Poor sportsmanship and harassment are not welcome in our community. All players in our community deserve kindness and joy while playing games in Our Program, whether they win or lose. Any form of disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct toward a teammate or opponent is a form of toxicity and has no place on our platform.

Violations of Our Community Standards are subject to the Scotland County ESports Enforcement Policy.

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