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Scotland Alerts users will have access to emergency alerts including severe weather watches and warnings, public safety and emergency-related warnings, such as county-wide evacuation orders and other time critical notifications.

Scotland Alerts may be used to deliver notifications when trash pickup is changed or delayed, when water delivery is disrupted, and for distributing routine media releases and other non-emergency information.

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Users can choose which county and town lists they want to join when they are setting up and maintaining their profile. All alerts and notifications can be sent via text, email and/or a phone call, depending upon which method(s) the user chooses as a way to receive the information. Users are also encouraged to download the Smart911 application to their mobile device.  

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  • Severe weather watches and warnings
  • Evacuation orders
  • County-specific notifications


Due to the switch to a new service provider, individuals who are currently subscribed to emergency alerts with Scotland County will need to re-register with Scotland Alerts. 

To receive Scotland Alerts notifications, simply click here to register and select your notification preferences in the new system. You will be prompted to input your first and last name, an email address and a physical address. Providing a physical address allows the system to deliver alerts to those in a specific geographic area. 

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Click here for the user registration guide.

Once you have set up a username and password, you may log in to update your preferences by clicking the link above and selecting "SIGN IN" in the upper right corner of the window -OR- by visiting, then clicking "SIGN IN" in the upper right corner of the window.